Boral Timber Flooring – Solid Timber Floors

Solid timber flooring comes in a wide range of species and grades.

Classic Grade is the top grade of solid timber flooring, chosen for its purity of timber and low rate of imperfections.

Australiana Grade is the second highest grade. This grade will have some features such as knots, insect trails and burls.

Natural grade has all the natural features, giving a very rustic feel to the solid timber floor.

Solid timber flooring varies in hardness:

Tasi-oak 5.5 Sydney bluegum 9.0
Karri Jarrah 8.6 Flooded gum 7.3
Stringy bark 8.7 Kempas 7.0
Blackbutt 9.1 Northern box 5.2
Spotted gum 11 Red ironwood 10.5
Ironbark 14

Solid timber flooring Installation

  • After choosing your solid timber flooring, the next step is the delivery to the site.
  • The timber must be stored inside the home to acclimatise to the home enviroment for a 2 week period.
  • Installation can then take place.
  • Once installed we must wait another 2 weeks to acclimatise.
  • Then, the solid timber floor can be sanded and polished.

So from delivery to a finished solid timber floor, it generally takes from 4 to 6 weeks.

We hope this has given you a insight into what’s involved in having a new solid timber floor installed.

Please dont hesitate to call us or apply for a online quotation.